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Welcome to the African & Caribbean Dental Association

As dentists practising in Kent, we formed the ACDA-UK in 2012, in response to what we saw as a demand for better oral health awareness amongst minority groups in the United Kingdom and as a way for any like-minded dental professional to network, share experiences, learn from each other and give something back to their local communities.

Since our launch the ACDA-UK has grown rapidly. We now have over 100 proactive members, have gained charitable status for the association and held our inaugural Members’ Dinner on 19 October 2013 in London.

If you share our goals and would like to get involved in the ACDA-UK, you can enrol with the Association online on this website.

Remember you don’t have to be of African or Caribbean origin to join the ACDA-UK, you just need to share our ethos and support our aims. So come and be part of the Vision and embrace the Mission.

African & Caribbean Dental Association African & Caribbean Dental Association
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What We Do

Our Vision

The BIG Idea

To promote, preserve and protect oral health amongst ethnic minority groups, especially within the African and Caribbean communities in the UK and the world at large.

The Road Map
Advance Education
To Advance

Particularly amongst young people, developing their capacity & skills, enabling them to participate fully in society.

Promote Equality and Diversity
To promote
Equality and Diversity

For the public benefit with a particular focus on health and wellbeing. With a view of addressing health inequalities.

Professionally and ersonally develop our members
To Professionally And Personally Develop Our Members

Through mentoring, networking events & opportunities, we help our members on their way to success.

By following our Road Map, we will make the BIG idea a reality.

Meet Our executive Meet Our executive

Meet Our executives

Our executive board is an 8-person team of dentists:

Meet Our Executives
Our Sponsors

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