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What We Do

Helping Local Communities

If you have an idea about how you could help a specific ethnic minority group or support a local activity in developing greater awareness of oral health, but don’t know how to make it happen, the ACDA-UK can help.

We have experience of getting action off the ground, turning small ideas into big events and with the help of our corporate sponsors we can call on a multitude of resources that can produce some stunning results.

A further extension of the Association’s activity is to provide mentorship for 15 to 18 year olds. Through our contacts with educational establishments, we will with secondary schools and colleges, through their open days and career days. In addition we will hold events in collaboration with other community organisations and the public sector health organisations to promote the importance of oral health.

As a Registered UK Charity the ACDA-UK is non-profit making and 10% of all Membership fees are donated to Charity.

Getting to Know Each Other

Networking and sharing learning opportunities is important for all dental professionals. The ACDA-UK provides a platform for like-minded dentists to help each other develop skills and knowledge and part of the Association’s remit is to provide education, both face to face and online, to facilitate this knowledge exchange. Our education programme of Study Days covers a wide range of diverse topics such as: clinical cases, business case studies and reviews of latest product developments.

Shared Learning

From access to our on-line library, to webinars and Study Days, the ACDA-UK supports dentists in expanding the knowledge of clinical disciplines and the all important business side of running a practice. For young and newly qualified dentists, the ACDA-UK provides an important support mechanism, which can help build confidence, and offers exposure to experienced professionals who can be an inspiration in those early days of a fledgling career.

Supporting Our Friends

As well as providing a platform for education and community projects, the ACDA-UK has a vision to grow into a community in its own right. Being there to support our Members in times of difficulty, either through moral or financial support is an important aspect of our ethos or our Benevolent Fund will support the provision of confidential advice for Members facing professional or personal challenges.

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